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National TV: Secrets of Being Spotlighted

How Variety Acts Get Featured on National TV: An Exclusive Excerpt from: 20 Insider Secrets from an America’s Got Talent Finalist By: Charles Peachock | Owner | Audio Ape, Inc. What do AGT Producers and Writers really want? Here are the top 5 assets you can possess to...

How I Became an Entrepreneur

Gravitating your big decisions to always align with your passion is key to a happy and successful career and life. A lot of performers have asked why I decided to create Audio Ape Remotes. I mean, I have a very successful performing career, with a lot of good years...

What’s a DI Box? (And Do I Need One?)

Professionally sending sound from your Audio Ape to the event’s sound system. In short: A DI Box (pictured above) allows you to run an audio signal across a distance without buzzing, humming, or other impurities. It is the “cleanest” way to move the audio signal from...

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"How You Can Get Featured on National TV: 20 Insider Secrets from an America's Got Talent Finalist"

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