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Best Video Format for QLab users

QLab's official recommendation for best video format is... ProRes 422 Proxy? How the hell do I convert to that?! While QLab can handle just about any video file you can throw at it, I am always trying to keep QLab as lean as possible. The more resources I protect the...

Breaking the spell: When show control fails

2008, Orlando. It is four minutes before I go on stage for a local company's holiday party. The planner approaches me backstage. The CEO would be traveling that day, and his flight had been moved up. He is presenting awards after my show, and in order to make his new...

National TV: Secrets of Being Spotlighted

How Variety Acts Get Featured on National TV: An Exclusive Excerpt from: 20 Insider Secrets from an America’s Got Talent Finalist By: Charles Peachock | Owner | Audio Ape, Inc. What do AGT Producers and Writers really want? Here are the top 5 assets you can possess to...

How I Became an Entrepreneur

Gravitating your big decisions to always align with your passion is key to a happy and successful career and life. A lot of performers have asked why I decided to create Audio Ape Remotes. I mean, I have a very successful performing career, with a lot of good years...

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