The techniques in this video and more are going to be taught live hands-on in our masterclass in a Las Vegas Theater Aug 9 12-4pm. Get your seat now!

Please comment at the bottom of this page with any questions you have about what you will take away in this class.

Masterclass for the self-run performer

12 of 20 seats remaining

When and where?
The day after Magic LIVE Convention      Aug 9th, 2018     12pm-4pm
The Space Theater @ 3460 Cavaretta Court Las Vegas, NV 89103


Audio Ape Masterclass

Get ready to take your show’s production value to new heights. All while keeping reliability at a premium and gear and set-up at a minimum.

We ONLY teach the leanest and meanest show solutions at this workshop. No bloated, unstable workarounds will be present in this masterclass.

QLab will be the ONLY piece of software we use on your Mac and you will get a full 24 hr license for this class, that will unlock all of its World-class features

Some of the key topics we will cover

Live Cameras

Use ANY live cameras (including wireless iPhone). We’ll teach you how to seamlessly integrated a live camera feed into your performance.

Onstage Cue Monitor

Deep look at Audio Ape’s own iOS app Lab Monkey and unleashing its incredible power as your wireless onstage cue monitor.


Talk wirelessly to a lighting board to fire your cues. Even run your own lighting… without a lighting board!

Control Outlets

Turn on or off outlets wired or wirelessly with precision timing

Audio and Video Playback

Of course, we will cover audio and video track playback, vol, auto-follow, fades etc.

Microphone control

Add effects, change volume or mute any wireless mic at any time during the show, all completely under your control.



QLab Masterclass

Leave this class with a working show

Hands-on breakout session

You could watch me reveal all the powerful secrets of show automation for hours, then try to apply them on your own. Instead, you will rocket your implementation by doing a hands-on breakout session with Charles and his team of QLab experts. We want you leaving this class with a full working show ready for the stage.

Post Masterclass support

Included with everyone's masterclass is a 30 min live support post-masterclass from  Audio Ape inventor and owner Charles Peachock. You can schedule a screen sharing session and get hands-on with Charles to tweak or add features to your show.

What to expect at your Masterclass

You will need a working Mac with OS X 10.12 or above.

You will be granted a full 24 hr Qlab license on a free jump drive. This drive will also contain, my post masterclass PDF  guide, help videos, QLab show examples and much more.

Demo lighting and stage equipment, software license, remotes, food and more will be provided onsite.

I have been working in show automation for over a decade and I have a true passion for it. I work in environments and gigs that are unforgiving to anything less than a perfectly executed performance experience.

Let’s get your show 3.0 while saving you time on site and increasing the stability of your show.

Don't spend time on trial and error.

Why waste time trying and failing in rehearsals and even during your live shows. The solutions we have crafted will work immediately and are future-proofed to grow with you and your show. You could search for 10 years and never find the show solutions I will hand to you in this Masterclass.

Stop wasting your money on the wrong gear.

How much gear have you purchased to put in your show, only to find out after 3 months of trying, it just isn't good enough for your show? We've cherry-picked only the most stable, compact and bullet-proof gear that will support your show night after night without fail, and at a shockingly low cost.

Regular Price

$ 997

Existing customers

$ 497 Early Bird