Audio Ape Remote 2.0

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Audio Ape Remote is Devoted to Freeing Performers From Unnecessary Rehearsals, Incompetent Sound Techs, and Costly Embarrassment by Providing a Simple, Elegant Remote that Works with All Leading iOS Cueing Applications. *Does not support Android. We are in stock and will ship the same or next business day.

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Audio Ape Remote Contains High-Grade Aluminum Receiver, Custom Performer Remote, Antenna, iOS Stand & your choice of US, EU or UK power adapter. 2.0 Improvements include:

  • USB C power– Upgraded power port, adaptors, and cables to future proof your Ape.
  • Faster Charging– Better power management, including; faster iOS charging.
  • Enhanced Protection– Additional circuit protection on all ports, to better protect your investment.
  • Extra Command – You can now hold the center button for an extra function.

Audio Ape Remote remote began with a simple vision: to never, ever, miss a cue again because of a mushy button, limited distance, or shaky Bluetooth connectivity

  • Dependable – Bluetooth? Wifi? Please! Great idea but counting on that for your cues is playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun
  • Range – While you’ll rarely be more than 200 ft from your iOS device, count on the Audio Ape for at least 5x that distance. Tested. Proven. Guaranteed
  • Design – 5 raised buttons that are easy to feel in the dark, or through pant’s pocket. Each button delivers a tactile ‘click and snap’ with each and every push
  • Construction – Plastic receiver? I think not! Audio Ape receivers are industrial grade aluminum with no extruding components. Nothing can break off during transport or mishandling
  • Simplicity – No docking station means setup is fast, flexible and discreet
  • Support – Works with the top cueing apps for IOS – right out of the box. *Does not support Android

Download Audio Ape instructions here

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
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EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug


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