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Works with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac Media Monkey uses the proven range and design of Audio Ape Remotes. Instead of talking just to an iOS device Media Monkey talks to your iOS device, Android, PC, or Mac computer. Media Monkey plugs into any of these and sends keystrokes to your computer via our high powered RF handheld remote. Media Monkey is USB Bus-powered, so no external power is needed with any device. You can still feed power from a battery bank or wall outlet during your show (which we do recommend for safety sake) Audio and video will still come out of your device’s built-in ports or an iOS adapter (not included) If you are running the powerhouse application QLab for your show please check out our free iOS app Lab Monkey This little gem of an app gives you a heads-up display of your QLab setlist so you can see them easily while performing onstage.   Download Instruction Manual

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