• The easiest app you’ll ever use.
  • Solidly designed and crash-free.
  • Built specifically for stage acts.
  • Use a remote or touch to control.
  • Visual, can be seen from a distance.
  • 100% free unrestricted us


Here’s what the Audio Ape Remote will do for your Show, Audience, and Career.

This is going to make your current cueing solution look like a dime-store walkie talkie.

What Makes the Audio Ape So Special?

This remote began with a simple vision: to never, ever, miss a cue again because of a mushy button, limited distance, or shaky Bluetooth connectivity

  • Dependable – Bluetooth? Wifi? Please! Great idea but counting on that for your cues is playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun
  • Range – While you’ll rarely be more than 50 ft from your iOS device, count on the Audio Ape for at least 5x that distance. Tested. Proven. Guaranteed
  • Design – 5 raised buttons that are easy to feel in the dark, or though pants pocket. Each button delivers a tactile ‘click and snap’ with each and every push
  • Construction – Plastic receiver? I think not! Audio Ape receivers are industrial grade aluminum with no extruding components. Nothing can break off during transport or mishandling
  • Simplicity – No docking station means setup is fast, flexible and discreet
  • Support – Works with the top cueing apps for IOS – right out of the box. *Does not support Android

There’s a Hole in Your Show…

Maybe you’ve felt it. Silence when there’s supposed to be music. You reach into your pocket to press the button, your heartbeat speeding up. Press… Nothing. You look to the ‘soundman’. Hey – wasn’t he the bartender earlier tonight? He’s clueless. You’re cue less. Your reputation, confidence – hell, your very identity is taking a hit. The awkward silence of that missing cue fractures the fragile and conditional trust that the audience has for you.

Devoted to freeing performers from unnecessary rehearsals, incompetent sound techs, and costly embarrassment by providing a Simple and Elegant remote that works with all leading iOS cueing applications.

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